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About us

Metro Vancouver Railings is an aluminum fabrication shop located in Surrey, BC. We specialize in manufacturing aluminum products for the construction industry which include railings, handrails, gates, fences, stairs, trellises, canopies as well as custom aluminum fabrication for a variety of applications. 

We work with home owners, interior designs, general contractors and developers that require fast turn-around times, in-depth knowledge of building codes and quality workmanship to manufacture custom products for their project. 

We primarily manufacture stairs made from aluminum, for both interior and exterior uses. We can design, engineer and manufacture a wide variety of stairs. Our aluminum stairs are typically more affordable than other options such as steel, and offer good strength and are much faster and easier to install compared to steel.

What benefits we offer our clients

Industry Knowledge

Before starting the company, our team has worked in the industry on some of the largest construction projects in Canada. We bring solid experience and know-how to the job.

In-house Engineering

Our team has backgrounds in engineering. We work with our clients directly to design solutions to meet all engineering and building codes requirements with fast turn-around times.


Our goal is to become a trusted partner to our clients for all their aluminum needs. We strive to deliver all jobs on time and save our clients money. 

Some of our past projects

We have taken on a variety of projects both large and small, ranging from office buildings, shopping malls, apartment buildings and many more...

Benefits of Aluminum

We love working with Aluminum and recommand using the material as much as possible. Here are some reasons Aluminum is our material of choise.

#1 - Low Cost

Aluminum is one of the most cost-effective metals. It provides comparable strength to steel in many applications, but can be fabricated and welded much faster. Switching to aluminum from HSS steel or other metals can save clients a lot of money.

#2 - Low Weight

Aluminum is one of the lightest metals. Unlike steel which often requires cranes and other heavy equipment to handle, Aluminum can often be carried by hand which makes it much easier to install on smaller construction sites which typically have limited access.

#3 - Design Options

We custom manufacture our products for each client, thus we can customize them to suit their needs. We powder coat the aluminum, which can be done in a variety of colors, textures and finishes to match your design vision.

#4 - Faster Lead-times

Aluminum is an ideal metal for manufacturing. It can be cut and welded many times faster than steel, with exceptional accuracy. This allows us to fabricate our products with faster to meet tight project dead-lines.

Contact Us

Metro Vancouver Railings

12294 104 Ave Unit 106, Surrey, BC V3V 3H3

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